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About us

Botanical Resources Australia (BRA) has become a reliable supplier of the natural insecticide active ingredient, Pyrethrins, extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies. 

Our Australian made Pyrethrins technical products power hundreds of registered insect control products worldwide – products backed by the market leading household insecticides and environmental sciences companies. 

Having led the world in the cultivation of the pyrethrum daisy since our inception in 1996, we now have thousands of hectares under management producing high-quality Pyrethrins technical products.

Our farms, and those of our partner growers, are located predominately in N.W. Tasmania which exhibits the ideal growing conditions for the special pyrethrum daisy and countless other high value specialty crops.

Our highly skilled, experienced growers and passionate team give us confidence that we will continue to deliver Pyrethrins technical products to exacting specifications for our multinational customers.

Outside of our core business, our interests extend to the production of dairy stock feeds, green waste bio-fuel, commercial seed treatments and the farming of high value crops from our base in Tasmania, Australia.

Contact us to find out why the world’s leading formulators and specialty chemicals companies choose to partner with us.