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Quality & Uses


Consistent quality

Botanical Resources Australia’s proprietary extraction, refining, and filtration technology is engineered to deliver more consistent Pyrethrins technical products with less waxes and other plant extractive impurities.

The lower wax content and batch consistency of our Pyrethrins technical products is highly valued by the leading aerosol formulators and household insecticide companies. The waxes traditionally found in pyrethrum extract have been shown to result in wick and nozzle clogging, yellow staining, and reduced product performance.

Our ability to consistently deliver for more than two decades, has been rewarded with long-term supply contracts with the world’s leading formulators of Pyrethrins-based products. 

Contact us to find out why we’re your trusted partner in naturally effective insect control.

More sensitive uses

HouseholdSpray aerosols for fast knock-down and kill of flying and crawling insects 

Ready-to-use trigger sprays for the control of ants and other crawling insects

Coils, mats/plates, liquid vaporizers, and automatic metered aerosols for continuous protection from flying insects

Automatic misting systems for control of flying insects outdoors

Desiccant dusts for lasting control of crawling insects 
Home gardenReady-to-use sprays and concentrates for the control of chewing and sucking insects in edible and ornamental gardening
Animal healthFlea and tick control sprays, shampoos, and rinses for companion animals

Commercial insect control in animal housing (including on/over animal treatments for poultry, livestock and dairy production)
Personal useInsect repellent sprays and sunscreens

Head lice and mite foams, mousses, rinses and other treatments
Structural pest controlProfessional strength manual and total release aerosols for inspection, crack and crevice, and fogging applications

Professional strength desiccant dusts for long-lasting control of crawling insects

Oil and water-based concentrates for spot treatments and fogging/space spray applications to cover a wide range of insect pests
Agriculture Water-based concentrates for the control of chewing and sucking insects in protected cropping integrated-pest-management and as a pre-harvest spray due to broad-spectrum control and short withholding period