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Growth Cycle

Growth Cycle

Naturally effective

Our specialist plant breeders continuously improve our pyrethrum plant material. Our breeders screen hundreds of varieties each year and select only the hardiest, disease resistant, high assay yielding pyrethrum plants to introduce into commercial production.

In the field, we benefit from thirty-plus years trial research which helps us continuously refine the way we, and our grower partners, maximise productivity using the minimum of inputs.

Our harvest at the start of the Australian summer sees the crop cut and left to dry in the Australian sun before we extract the natural Pyrethrins from the dried pyrethrum flowers in an advanced closed system – our proprietary extraction and refining technology is designed not to alter the makeup of the natural Pyrethrins.

Adhering to our ‘naturally effective’ philosophy, 100% of the green waste by-product is used either as a nutrient-rich soil amendment or converted into energy dense bio-fuel to power our own operations and those of other environmentally aware Australian agri-businesses.

Where we grow 

Australia’s fertile land, temperate climatic conditions and skilled farmers provide the ideal conditions for the pyrethrum daisy and countless other high value crops to thrive. With the support of our partner growers, we cultivate this special daisy on our own farms and long-leased prime farming land, predominantly in the north-west of Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost island state. 

Tasmania is renowned internationally for its pristine environment and natural wonders, fresh produce, and fine food, wine, and whisky. Global travel authority Lonely Planet named Tasmania one of the world’s top ten regions to visit in 2015.

Why Pyrethrins

How we grow


Australian grown pyrethrum is established from seed from late winter each year, with an approximate 14-18-month wait until first harvest. Come the following December and the start of the Australian summer, matured pyrethrum daisies bloom in a single flush of white flowers.


From late December, in readiness for harvest, the pyrethrum daisies are cut and formed into windrows and left to dry in the Australian sun. The dried flower heads are then collected, with the crop readily transferred to our advanced custom built processing facility.


The natural insecticide active ingredient, Pyrethrins, is extracted from the flower seeds (achenes) found in the dried flower heads using a proprietary process that does not alter the natural makeup of the Pyrethrins.